The Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Company Limited was established by the Government of Sierra Leone to comply with the various regulations in relation to the buying and exporting of produce. It operates as a company seeking to maximize shareholder value, whilst taking into account the interest of all stakeholders within the agricultural supply chain. A main focus of SLPMC is the smallholder farmer, who in the past has been denied access to high value markets, high quality input and education. SLPMC understands that it can only be successful in sourcing high quality produce by building long term relationships with its suppliers and customers alike. SLPMC stimulates a long term sustainability by linking the farmer in Sierra Leone to markets with highly competitive products.
Rice is a staple food in Africa and Asia and it is more and more appreciated in the Western World for its nutrition and its taste. SLPMC offers three locally produced high  quality rice brands named "Sierra Rice" for export and food security in Sierra Leone.
In Sierra Leone, Cocoa is one of the country’s most important export crops and the traditional variety is harvested from June to January, with most of the harvest at the end of the rainy season in August and September.
Coffee grows best in a warm, humid climate with a relatively stable temperature of about 27°C all year round. The world’s coffee plantations are therefore found in the so-called coffee-belt that straddles the equator between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
Cashews are becoming more and more popular as a snack around the world. Similarly in Sierra Leone the Cashew cultivation is growing steadily. Although the cashew tree can withstand high temperatures and varying rainfall, although a monthly mean of 25°C is and a yearly rainfall between 1500 to 2000mm is regarded as optimal; the exact weather conditions of the Kambia, Port Loko, and Bombali provinces in Sierra Leone, where SLPMC sources its Cashew Nuts from

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Palm Oil
Red palm oil, is a traditional fat that has been a part of the human diet for at least 5000 years. For generations red palm oil  has been revered as both a nutritious food and a valuable medicine.
Ginger is used predominately in spice, food and drink, and the wellness industry. Ginger cultivation has a long tradition in Sierra Leone, as the spice is being used as a spice for local dishes or gives its unique flavor to the tasty local ginger drinks.