Palm Oil
Oil palm is one of the most commercialized value chains in the country with potential for value add and exports, and is grown throughout the country. Core producing areas are in the Kailahun and Kenema districts, and parts of the southern and northern provinces.

There are two varieties of oil palm, the native variety (dura) which produces red oil and has a smaller fleshy pulp surrounding the seed, and tenera, commonly called Masankey, which produces a fruit with more pulp that yields more palm oil. The palm seed or kernel can be used for extracting oil as well.

Our popular brand, commonly known as  “Sierra Oil” is pure red palm oil sourced from the provinces of Bo, Tonkolili, Port Loco, Moyamba and Kambia. The climate in these provinces favors the growth of rich and juicy Palm Kernel, which makes “Sierra Oil” a premium quality cooking oil which supports and enhances human health.

Sierra Palm Oil is therefore an excellent choice for cooking oil and as food supplement. Boost your health with “Sierra Palm Oil” - the oil that keeps your body’s engine running