Sustainable Programs
SLPMC has been working in partnership with Welthungerlife to boost Small Holder Farmers through the ProAct project in fostering agriculture and nutrition in eastern Sierra Leone through nurseries and out-planting for improved varieties of cocoa & coffee trees.

This partnership aims to expand production, improving quality of the products while enhancing processing techniques and marketing strategies. The European Union, Welthungerhilfe Coopi and Inter Aid are funding the ProAct project which is targeting men and women with support to agriculture diversification while also raising awareness with the population on the links between food diversification, hygiene and improved nutrition.The objective of the project is to promote sustainable agroforestry systems for tree crops like cashew, coffee and cocoa for improved quality processing and marketing of tree crops.

The project seeks to facilitate linkages between producers and international traders and processors to improve processing methods, product quality and promote the specialty of Sierra Leone forest grown products.

Through the project, SLPMC provides farmers with seeds, nursery bags and also capacity building for agriculture staff and farmers. Thousands of farmers have been trained on new planting methods, on processing and value addition and extension officers have also been empowered with training logistics and technical support. Small holder producers have also been trained on standards and processes required to meet the guidelines for certification.