In Sierra Leone, Cocoa is one of the country’s most important export crops and the traditional variety is harvested from June to January, with most of the harvest at the end of the rainy season in August and September. Sierra Leone’s cocoa has historically received a premium for its special flavor and because, like Ghana, it traditionally ferments its beans.

Cocoa is a plant that only grows within 10° of the equator, which limits its cultivation area to Central Africa, South & Middle America and Southeast Asia. 70% of the world’s raw cocoa is being produced in West and Central Africa making it the key cash crop in this area. The Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon combined have a 98% share of the production in this part of the world.

We principally perform a volume assembly function and buy from producers and other traders. The company usually represent an International buyer and operate at several producing districts across the country.

Our passion for high quality and tracibility makes SLPMC cocoa beans ideal for producing fine chocolate and other cocoa products