Working with Farmers
SLPMC is recognised as an exemplary company, purchasing directly from farmers and processors for export and for food security. We are charged with the responsibility of improving farmer livelihoods by guaranteeing fair prices to them.

As a local aggregator, SLPMC‘s long-term sustainability is closely linked to the profitability of its farmer suppliers. The success of SLPMC in the long-term depends on these local farmers networks and their supply of sufficient quantity of quality products to meet the needs of SLPMC and it‘s clients.

For this reason, SLPMC has been working closely with farmers to help them to improve yields, quality, their income and by extension their livelihoods. With improved training on modern cultivation techniques, farmers are constantly able able to produce high quality needs that allows them to be competitive in a challenging produce market. By providing extension services to farmers, SLPMC aims is able to win their loyalty as their preferred buyer as their welfare is part of our company’s responsiblity.