Inclusive Business Model
To successfully carry out the operation of buying and exporting of produce, the company set up Buying Centers in the producing areas. These centers are operated by Produce Buyers  who are engaged by the company and responsible to the Regional Manager of the producing region.  Each Produce Buyer is bonded to ensure the safety of the company’s assets. The Produce Buyers acquire produce from the Buying Agents who are appointed by the company.

To strengthen structured business relationships and transactions between the Smallholder producers and the SLPMC, the company has therefore developed the Purchase for Prosperity Initiative - An Inclusive Business Model . This approach will contribute towards improving or stimulating business relationships between groups of organized smallholders’ producers, SMAEs (ABCs), Public and Private trade  support Institutions and SLPMC by prioritizing interventions that focused on core competences, collective marketing and procurement, low cost value addition, reduction of transactions costs, and business-to-business coordination while guaranteeing competitive prices to smallholder producers.

Purchase for Prosperity - An Inclusive Business Model
This network indicates that all stakeholders are important and their roles must be emphasised and be linked with SLPMC supply chain. Our purchase for prosperity inclusive business model seeks to include all stakeholders within the agricultural value chain thus creating a win-win situation for all. We source through a network of farmers and farmer cooperatives be it from the public and private sectors with the prerequisite standards and certifications and we sell for food security and foreign exchange maximization thus improving the balance of trade position of the country.