Quality Standards
Quality and standards are of very high importance in SLPMC’s value chain with emphasis being put on standard production practices and sustainable productivity in line with internationally agreed commercial quality standards for agricultural produce.

SLPMC is passionate about agricultural health standards and constantly sensitizes on the importance of producing high quality, and safety products for consumption as well as for exports. Although more emphasis is placed on goods for exports, there is a need to conscientiously apply all these measures to locally consumed goods too. Our standards are in line with the set local standards and consistent with WTO rules, as well as with other standard-setting bodies, such as the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission to avoid duplication of work and divergence in standards.

SLPMC harmonizes the application of its standards locally by developing and disseminating explanatory and guidance material also in collaboration with the Produce Monitoring Board (PMB) which sets the local cultivation standards and the Standards Bureau that certifies the processing and packaging processes. In addition, SLPMC defines and promotes uniform quality-control procedures throughout it’s production processes.

SLPMC works with governmental and intergovernmental organizations, civil society and the private sector on sustainable production and consumption. In addition, SLPMC has contributed to the development of guidance materials to improve the quality of produce produced nationwide. SLPMC regularly participates in seminars, workshops and training courses for governments and the private sector to help develop standards and establish legal and technical infrastructure for their implementation and practical application.