Sierra Leone has two kinds of rice marketing network : one not very elaborated for the domestic production, and a well organized one for imported rice. It been our staple food, makes rice business a very important activity throughout the year

Rice plays a crucial role in the economy of Sierra Leone as it is cultivated by a very high proportion of small farmers, and as it is by far the major food crop. It is a staple food in Africa and Asia and it is more and more appreciated in the Western World for its nutrition and its taste.

Sierra Leone has favorable conditions for growing rice: high rainfall, plentiful availability of water for irrigation, suitable land in abundance and a conducive climate. Rice is produced throughout the country primarily for subsistence with most of the harvest retained on farm for family consumption. However, the vast untapped fatyile land that streches across the country provide a unique opportunity for large scale investment in rice production..

We offers locally produced high quality rice brands named „Sierra Rice“ in major supermarkets across the country and our biggest client is the Government of Sierra leone through the Institutional feeding Initiative.
Our pure Nerica white rice is of highest quality, polished, free of stones and husks. SLPMC sources it from the swamps and upland regions of Bo, Tonkolili, Port Loco and Kambia. „Sierra White Rice“ stands for a unique flavor and high nutrition values.